Teamet hos Aarhus Surf & Ski

The team behind Aarhus Surf & Ski together has more than 50 years of experience with sales and distribution of equipment for water activities. Our team is always ready to guide your company further with the right range of equipment that suits your business. We ride the outdoor wave and our warehouse in both Aarhus and Herfølge has an impressive inventory, whether it is wetsuits or inflatable SUPs or something completely different. 

We have a large dealer network in Denmark, which especially covers premium / specialty stores with great expert knowledge within their niche. 

We only sell to institutions via EAN, retail stores and VAT-registered companies, but are happy to refer private individuals to one of our many dealers.

Kiil    Jan Klitgaard    Asbjørn

Lars Kiil

Chief of sales

+45 71 96 11 05


Jan Klitgaard

Sales & customer service

+45 71 96 11 06


Asbjørn Ulsig

Warehouse manager

+45 71 96 11 04


Tina Alstrup


+45 71 96 11 04

Ole Røm


+45 71 96 11 06